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PodSphere born in ETHGlobal & The Journey Behind

PodSphere Intro


Exciting news! We just attended #ETHGlobal and unveiled our latest creation: PodSphere! 🌐✨

with my teammates @timtimtim_eth @peacheychen @0xminion in Istanbul @ETHGlobal

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PodSphere is an RSS Podcast Comment System designed to revolutionize your RSS feed Podcast experience.

It aggregates comments from Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Spotify in one place with just one plugin!


The initial problem we want to solve is that there is no social engagement on RSS PodCast Platforms.

So PodSphere is here to fill in the missing puzzle.

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Here is our product demo:

We use @LensProtocol handler to login and store comments data on @IPFS via lighthouse.



Our mission is to link those isolated RSS platforms and bring interoperability into RSS ecosystem.

Our ultimate vision is to Aggregate Social Content in the Open Web and Build a Playground for RSS Content Community.



Stay tuned as we dive deeper into our journey, and how PodSphere is set to change the way we listen to and engage with podcasts.

Your podcast experience is about to get a whole lot more interactive!


Wanna hear more about our background story?

As a PodCaster, with 4-year +2000hrs Podcast listening history, browsing comments is always like a gift. When I publish my own episodes on RSS subscription PodCast platforms with out comment function, I have no feedback. seems like no one is listening.

So I am been always wanna add a cross-platform comment area on different RSS PodCast platforms to integrate comments in one place.

When my friend Tim, a dev rel & hacker, asked me about the ETHGlobal plan, I told him the idea. He said "Let's do it" with no hesitation. Then Tim showed his network and assembled the hacker team.

On ETHGlobal Istanbul, PodSphere is born.

Special Thanks

Thanks to our Assembler Tim!

Your dedication and focus are truly inspiring. Starting from scratch, tackling each problem, and covering every aspect of development with a passionate spirit.

Thank you for encouraging me to practice my pitch; I now understand the roots of your rapid growth. You've shown me the excitement at ETHGlobal, where the friendships among developers are genuine and pure, unaffected by the constraints of time and space.

Let's hit up in the world out there!


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